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Your house's siding color creates the first impression that your guest, neighbors and passersby get of your home. Faded, uncoordinated or garish colors aren't exactly welcoming. If your home's façade could use a touch-up, Phelps Painting, LLC is the company to call. Residents of the Indianapolis, IN area choose our house painting services for professional and long-lasting results.

If you're searching for house painting services, look no further than the painting pros at Phelps Painting, LLC. Call today to set up an appointment.

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3 reasons to schedule exterior painting services

Could your home's exterior use some TLC? Are you ready for a change? Then call Phelps Painting, LLC of Indianapolis, IN. Our exterior painting services can:

1. Change the look of your home: A dramatic color shift can make your home look completely different.

2. Hide repairs: If you've added on or made repairs, a fresh coat of paint creates a seamless appearance.

3. Freshen a faded façade: Over the years, your home's paint will begin to fade from constant sun exposure.

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